Friday, October 21, 2011

Trafalgar Day.............

In glorious memory of Lord Nelson and the brave Tars of the British Navy who met and defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar on this date in 1805.

Come, cheer up, my lads, 'tis to glory we steer,
To add something more to this wonderful year;
To honour we call you, as freemen not slaves,
For who are so free as the sons of the waves

(Chorus sung once...)
Heart of oak are our ships, jolly tars are our men,
we always are ready; Steady, boys, steady!
We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again.

We ne'er see our foes but we wish them to stay,
They never see us but they wish us away;
If they run,why we follow and run them ashore,
And if they won't fight us, what can we do more.

(Chorus sung once...)

we still make them feel and we still make them flee,
and drub them at shore as we drub them at sea,
so cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing,
oh soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king.

(Chorus sung once...)

Just in case there is any doubt in anyone's mind, I have given out the order to "Splice the Main Brace" to all hands.