Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Day At Black Rock..........

I was MUCH too sorry to post yesterday, but I wanted to note yesterday's date in history.

On June 25th,

In 1876, Lt. Col. G.A. Custer and 286 men under his command were K.I.A. in an engagement with hostile Sioux and Cheyenne Indians near the Little Big Horn River in the Montana Territory.

In 1950, The North Korean Army launched a massive surprise attack across the 38th parallel into South Korea. This plunged that country into a three year war that ended up costing the United States over 20,000 dead. The war still isn't over, the shooting stopped due to a "truce" and to this day, there are still American servicemen, locked and loaded, standing behind barbed-wire and sandbags, on watch, in that troubled land.

June 25th just wasn't a very good day for American men at arms..............