Thursday, October 23, 2008

Street Fighting Man........,

Thanks to some of the other blogs I follow, I was reminded that on this day in 1956 the people of Hungary stood up and said that they were free men and women and would not be slaves to the communist and the Soviet Union any longer. With home made bombs, stolen rifles, rocks, and their bare hands they managed to take control of various parts of their country and caused the Russians to retreat. Even the Hungarian military and police forces who would have profited from following the party line, for the most part took up arms to defend their fellow countrymen against their communist masters.

Of course, the rebellion couldn't last or survive long. The west could not or would not support the rebels and the Soviet Union couldn't have a puppet nation show any independence, so within a few weeks they sent in overwhelming forces and crushed the rebellion. Jailing and executing the leaders.

I am sure that everyone that took part in the fight knew that it wouldn't be pretty if they lost, but they still stood up and said "enough" and fought for the freedom that had been taken away from them.

I hope that will serve as the epitaph of all mankind. That when liberty and freedom are threatened, no matter the odds, someone will stand up with as little as a rock in their hand and say "No" to the powers that try to enslave them.

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