Monday, December 22, 2008

Out Damn Standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I normally don't have a lot of use for Hollywood types, most seem to be self-centered narcissistic dweebs. There are a few exceptions such as Gary Sinise and others but not a heck of a lot of them. That's why it delights me to discover another actor that does and believes in the right thing. David Spade is a stand up guy.

Mr. Spade this morning walked into the Phoenix AZ. Police Department and gave them a check for $100000.00 to buy semi-automatic rifles. He had heard that the officers in the Phoenix P.D. were running into more and more perps who were armed with long guns and were feeling more than just a bit under gunned. The Officers were requesting for permission to get rifles to carry in their patrol cars even if the officers had to come out of their own pocket to pay for the weapons. He did this without any fanfare or a heck of a lot of press coverage.

This isn't the first time that Mr. Spade stood up and did the right thing. In the past year he gave $25000.00 to the family of a Phoenix Officer killed in the line of duty.

Well done Mr. Spade!


Loose Gravel said...

Huzzah! A buying program for police rather than a buyback program. Nice reminder that good people can be found at any place, at any time, and sometimes from the least-expected quarter.

Mike W. said...

I agree.

From what I understand, Phoenix P.D. was having a ROUGH time with dopers and illegals packing heavy duty firepower. I heard that one cop's kid said that he would rather his dad buy a rifle to carry on duty than spend money on Christmas presents for him.

Once again, David Spade is a damn good man.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

I saw this blip on the Internet somewhere, and thought David Spade? Not one that you would typically associate with being a big supporter of the police, but a great story nonetheless. He'll never be another Dirty Harry, but he's keeping it real for the ones on the street.