Friday, September 18, 2009

The Year Without Summer....................

For me, this was indeed the year without summer. All the time that I spent in the hospital just sorta made it go "poof".

While I am not much of a summer person, I did miss seeing lighting bugs flitting around in the yard, the taste of fresh corn on the cob as well as a tomato fresh off the vine that the good wife planted outside the back door. Back when, I could set down with a good sized tomato, loaf of white bread, jar of mayonnaise, salt and pepper and have a pretty good feed. -grin- Remember that 'matter sandwiches are a old southern tradition, so don't be rolling your eyes. -grin-

I am very slowly making progress in getting back to semi-normal. I can get around the house for the most part without my walker and can hold some food down. Not where I wanted to be at this time but I guess that it could be a heck of a lot worse. (I gotta keep reminding myself that every chance I get, doctor's orders)

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Nancy R. said...

Your darn right it could have been worse. You scared the ever-loving crap out of us more than once.

And maybe it's a selfish thing on my part, but I'm just really glad I didn't have to explain to Miss Susan why Dr. Mike can't come visit any more.