Saturday, March 13, 2010

To Touch and Hold A Piece Of History, Part II.............

Today I was feeling a bit off my oats, so I got out the Nambu pistol and started doing a little web based research on it.

I discovered a few interesting things about it. The pistol is known as the Type 14 (second series) was manufactured in Showa 19.7 which translates into the seventh month of the 19th year of Hirohito's rein (For those of us who don't have a clue, that would be July 1944) It was made at the Toriimatsu branch of the Nagoya Arsenal.

That would mean that the pistol would have been only made for about two months before being taken to Peleliu. Since the Japanese were constantly trying to reinforce the various island garrisons while the allies were doing every thing in their power to prevent it, the person who brought it was extremely lucky to get on the island alive. The American Navy with their air attacks and submarines were sinking everything they could find on the water. Of course, when the Americans landed, his luck ran out.

Another interesting thing I found out was that Japanese officers were required to buy their own sidearms until 1944 and the Nambu was relatively pricey. It sold for around 200 yen as compared to a Colt 1903 model in .32 ACP. which sold at the same time for around 100 yen.

Just finding those few facts out, it re-enforces my decision to not repair this weapon. This weapon only had a service life of two months, it's unknown owner killed. I don't know if it was ever used to take a life but it's days of service are deservedly over. I think it is much better to let it serve as a memento to all the brave young Marines who fought against fanatical Japanese resistance to retake the islands of the Pacific.

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