Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays

I hope that all of you fine folk had a Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah
or what ever holiday you chose to celebrate.

This was the first Christmas without my mom, so I wasn't much into the holiday spirit. I spent a good amount of time in my workshop hiding from the world, no doubt acting like a low buck Dr. Frankenstein. I did get a few things done, later on in the week I will post some pictures. (Just as soon as I figure out where I put my camera)

I also celibrated a birthday, this past Christmas was the 3rd anniversary of this blog. I hope that anyone who reads this has enjoyed my rantings and ravings. I have used it as a 21st century version of tossing a brick at the T.V. and a chance to vent my spleen. Through this medium I have met a bunch of really fine folks and made a few friends and it's been a fun ride. I think sometimes that I have gained a heck of a lot more that I have contributed. I hope that will change soon.

2010 wasn't a outstanding year for me, so I am looking forward to 2011 to be bigger and better. At least I hope it will be. Thanks to you folks for coming along for the ride...........,

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