Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, The Holiday's Over............

This past weekend closed out the holiday season for me. Casa W. had visitors over the New Year, Nancy R. (of Excels At Nothing blog), Shorter Half and Sweet Daughter as well as Johnny Mo (of Out Of Left Field blog) and his daughter Sunshine.

Christmas gifts were exchanged, much good food and strong drink were consumed, there was even some time for shooty goodness with air rifles for the young 'uns and bigger things for the adults.

Miz Nancy gifted me with a book on the history of Punch, which was a highly popular drink from the late 1600's until the 1830's when cocktails became more popular. It has several recipes that I am going to inflict on the members of the hospital in the coming year. It should be interesting. (grin)

The best part of the weekend was the visiting and just relaxing. We see each other quite a few times during the year but that is normally at events when we are so busy that we don't have a chance to just kick back and take it easy. This past weekend we made up for lost time and had a ball.


J. Moseley said...

And to Miss Sunshine and I, it was a holiday to always remember.

Nancy R. said...

I just wish we'd had a tape recorder going. The only part I'm remembering at the moment is "But there's no statute of limitations on blasphemy!”