Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better Than A Circus Freakshow.............

There I was, having a bite of lunch and about half watching a news conference with the Lightbringer and the President of Mexico.

A Mexican reporter ask if the Lightbringer couldn't use his power to "veto" that pesky 'ol Second Amendment.

The Lightbringer gulped a bit and told the reporter that it was a part of our constitution and he was subject to it's provisions. He also said that he BELIEVED in the Second Amendment. The amazing thing was that the Lightbringer's tongue didn't burst into flames, nor did his head explode. As I said I have seen stranger things to include a two headed calf and bearded lady but not recently.

However, in more predictable news, Felipe Calderon stated that American drug agents still could not carry weapons to protect themselves in Mexico due to Mexican law. So any gringo lawdawg south of the border might as well put a big bull's eye on his/her back.

And so it goes...........

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