Monday, June 20, 2011

A Few Interesting Things.........

Yesterday I did the father's day thing with my dad. We grilled out chicken, ribs, vegetables and so on. I tried something new that might be of interest of you. I took several vidalia onions and quartered them. I then wrapped each quarter with a strip of bacon and tossed them on the grill until the onion became soft and bacon done. It was remarkably good. But then, every thing goes better with bacon.

In the latest issue of American Handgunner there is a article on a company that supplies weapons to Hollywood movie production companies. Of particular interest to me was a " Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B" handgun carried by Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds in the movie "Serenity" and the T.V. series "Firefly" It started out life as a Taurus Model 85 revolver with modifications to include various brass castings.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, that was a nice article, and the gun is in the NRA Museum in Fairfax on a display of movie guns right now.