Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Class Hero..........

I am not one to criticize a person's job. Anything that a person does to keep a roof over his head, a crust of bread and rind of cheese on their table as well as putting clothing on their back is good. Granted, some jobs are better than others, and therein lies my tale.

Every year around tax time a local company named "Liberty Tax Services" hires folks to stand on the side of the street near their offices. While they are there, they are required to wear a Aqua-Marine colored Statute of Liberty costume, (To include the head piece with it's seven points) hold up a sign that says "Liberty Tax Service" and waive like hell at every person that drives by. That's in every kind of weather and temp.

To be honest, I thought that this could be one of the worst jobs I knew of, but after today I have to rethink the entire situation. I was driving in a small town near here and happened to notice a new Tex-Mex restaurant that was having it's Grand Opening today. I glanced over and saw that they had a young man standing in front of the restaurant wearing a Taco costume and a very large straw sombrero cavorting with the customers.

No matter how silly someone in a Statue of Liberty costume looks, it just don't hold a candle to how REALLY silly someone looks dressed as taco.

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CTone said...

The Liberty Tax mascot people crack me up. In my town, they're always teenagers with headphones in, dancing their asses off during rush hour. It's free entertainment!