Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Makes Me Want To Cry Them A River...........

O.K. since I am already stirred up, I might as well cut loose ALL my wolves........

I was mulling life's many mysteries and about half listening to the news when I heard a "talking head" talk about the current salary was for the school teachers that are currently on strike in Chicago.

It got me to thinking, I retired after working 30 years for the state of North Carolina. I have had one knee replaced and am working on getting up the guts to have my other one replaced, as well as have had major surgery on my right shoulder all due to injuries that I received in the line of duty. I lost count of the times when I had to be checked out or sewn up after a rough night at work. I am not whining, just stating the facts.

My wife, was medically retired at 23 years, after receiving a injury at work, which  is STILL giving her problems many year afterwards.

The average pay for a teacher in Chicago is reported to be around $70,000. If you total up all the pay and benefits that my wife and I BOTH receive in a year, we don't even come close to that number.

So I just can't work up a great deal of sympathy for those folks.