Thursday, May 9, 2013

Since January? Damn, time flies when you are having fun..........

Nope, ain't dead, (although there have been SEVERAL mornings that I would have argued the point with you.) I have discovered that it is a GREAT deal easier to DO stuff than it is to write about it. I got caught up in a creative fever and have turned out a BUNCH o' stuff and have somewhat changed my focus and taste in firearms. As my long suffering wife will attest, when I get in one of my fevers all goes by the wayside until I can shake it. (However, no matter what she says, I have NEVER come running out of my work shop screaming "It's alive, It's alive !!!!!! ala Dr. Frankenstein)

I did however manage to take a few photos of projects and as soon as I can remember how, to post them.

As most  of you know, I am old school to the max, which has led to my focus being directed in the area of historical reenactments and period weapons. Well, what seemed to be a natural branch off of that seems to be cowboy action shooting so I am working on gathering up the gear to start out with, I've made a few contacts in the sport and it looks like it will be both challenging and fun. It's been interesting in getting it all together, all bright and shiny.

I am also getting fired up about Nancy R.'s second annual kid's shoot. It's scheduled to be held on the first weekend of June and will be filled with the normal activities as well as a few surprises. You will get a chance to see strange and unusual firearms, a free range Dr. Mike and world famous star blogger and Internet icon Jay G. Please drop by if you can, it should be LOADS of fun, plus you get more or less free eats. (I'VE been known to go to weddings and funerals of people I didn't even know, just for the free chow.) So ya'll come on out, hear?

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