Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Traveling Medicine Show

Still with me? Damn, you must not have much to do. So where was I? Oh yeah, "This thing of ours"

As I said, I started out in 1982/83 doing a militiaman impression, carrying a musket and doing the marchy, marchy/bangy,bangy thing. I also slowly started out doing a doctor of the period, collecting reproduction tools and medicines. The Doctor impression won out because of it's popularity with the public and the plain hard work that it took to do it right. (You can say many things about me, but no one can say that I don't do my level best to do my interpretation to the very best of my ability) The medical impression kept it's popularity over the years and the impression grew to the point that with the help of some good friends I organized a medical unit called the Detached Hospital (based on a real British military unit from 1775) I did this because I was working myself to death at large events, and I wanted to show ALL the facets of medical practice of that time period. This is not only medicine and surgery which most people expect, but also dentistry, midwifery, logistics, transportation issues as well as folk medicine and it's impact on medical care. To show how popular the hospital impression is, I am known in the hobby as Dr. Mike.

The members of the Detached Hospital are the finest bunch of folks around. I could not ask for better co-workers or friends and they have made the hospital the success that it is. You will see their individual names mentioned many times in the future, because they are that important to me. They are the people that keep me focused at events and help keep the train on the tracks so to speak. I could not run the hospital without them. If you want to see what we are all about here is the hospital website:


Chris Grimes said...

You also know the best way to cure that "itch" that we get when we hang around with the wrong type of woman! Glad to see you join the ranks of the bloggers, shipmate!

mrwill said...

Better a woman with a "itch" than a woman who is a "fireship", shipmate.