Thursday, September 18, 2008

Farewell and adieu, to you, Spanish ladies.........

Well, in a few hours I head north to the Chesapeake for a 1812 event where I get to portray a Royal Navy sailor from the HMS Dragon. This will be the first big event for 1812 I have attended and am looking forward to seeing how they do it. I will give a full event report on my return, as well as fill you in on other odds and ends that I have been playing around with.

King George and old England forever!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Duppstadt said...

I wish I were going along! Chris called today to gloat about receiving his new musket from Middlesex Village just in the nick of time. He'll be sporting a brand new, 3rd pattern Brown Bess.

When you return I need to talk to you about Alamance's school program; I finally know what days I'll be there. Have fun and be safe!

Chris Grimes said...


Where were you Saturday night? I walked up to the British camp and couldn't find you. I hope the weekend went well and you didn't find the bottom of too many bottles! LOL! The event was a blast.