Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working For The Weekend..............

I had a wonderful time this weekend, we had an event at Petersburg, VA with our hospital unit. The normal cast of characters was present and well as Victoria and her family. Victoria doesn't get out much, she works as a E.R. doctor and administrator, as well as being a single mom so she has a BUNCH of balls in the air at one time. So it's a true delight when she can come out. Of course the Randalls, The Greeleys, Mr. Grimes, and a few others made up the whole family.

We work so well together that it is scary. I go to events and can kick back and know that the quality of our interpretation will never suffer. Now that's not to say that's what I WANT to do, but sometimes my health requires that I have to sit back and watch. This weekend was one of those. It gripes my A** but it's what I am stuck with. Like it or not.

I was able to show the public how doctors made medicines 235 years ago by demonstrating the manufacture of pills, ointments, and suppositories. I also served as a fact checker for the lads doing the heavy duty interpretation. My guys (and gals) are so good at what they do, I didn't really have a lot to do in that area. Have I told you how proud I am of my guys?

Petersburg is operating behind the curve to a certain level. It's tourism meat and potatoes lies in the period of the American Civil War, since the seige of Petersburg was tied so closely to the defence and capture of Richmond. However the local historians and the city of Petersburg are making a concerted effort to help the public understand that history in that area did not start in 1861. That is why I don't mind going to this event to help out.

Petersburg is also the home of Ft. Lee with it's Army quartermaster's school. A good number of folks doing their A.I.T. came out to the historic site to assist with set up, traffic control, and other odds and ends. I enjoyed spending time with them and Miss Nancy made sure that they had a running tab at the rootbeer seller that had set up. America should be proud of these fine young men and women serving their country.

And since this was the first event of the season, we took time to have the traditional Peeps toast. Ms. Nancy has all the gory details on her blog.


So as you can see, it WAS a wonderful weekend.


Nancy R. said...

Thanks for the link!

I picked up some thin-sliced bacon tonight and saved the last of the chick-shaped Peeps from Susan so I can give another go in the next couple of days.

Michael W. said...

You are more than welcome. Bev saw your blog and suggested that we use Canadian Bacon. That way we could make Bunny Boats.........-grin-

Chris Grimes said...

Bunny Boats! Row, row, rwo your bunny boat gently cross the sea....

Brigid said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Did someone say. . BACON????