Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reality Check..............

O.K. let me see if I got this straight. (If I am wrong in any of these points, please get me squared away)

We have a highly placed coaching assistant at Penn State who has been molesting children since at least 2002. Joe Paterno the head coach knew about it in 2002 and told the administration of the school but didn't tell child protective services or law enforcement. So other than banning this assistant from bringing children with him onto campus nothing was done until 2011. When all this is revealed, the administration shows Paterno the door. The very night Paterno is fired, a number of students of Penn State to show their objection to Paterno's dismissal by taking to the streets, tearing up a bunch of stuff and requiring the local police to use pepper spay to control them. The next morning, I catch the news which interviews a Penn State student who just can't understand why Paterno was fired. Some of her quotes were:

"The coach has done so much for the school I don't see why they couldn't let him stay for the last home game" and " We have people who are going to be selling blue t-shirt to wear to say that we at Penn State stand against child abuse" When questioned further the student said that "even if he couldn't coach the team, he should be allowed to be on the sidelines"

After picking up my jaw from the floor, a further news report made me shake my head even more. It seems that the Occupy Wall Street folks sent the Occupy Berkeley folks a sum of "seed money" to help with their protest. Of course, the Occupy Berkeley people didn't want the money to "vanish", so they stopped by the local Wells Fargo bank and opened up a account. The same Wells Fargo that they have been trashing it's A.T.M.s and cursing it's employees.

Ya know, if I had a dog that was half as sick as this country, I would have already put it out of it's misery.


The money was sent to Occupy OAKLAND not Berkeley. My deepest apologies for my error to all parties involved.


Historical Ken said...

Ahhh...welcome to America in the 21st century.
Very sad.

Robert said...

As I understand it, the law did not allow him to do more than notify his boss and then to shut up about it. Anyway, he's dead now. I hope justice is done with respect to the alledged abuser. Sigh.