Sunday, December 25, 2011

How Long? ????????

Hey everybody!

First of all, a VERY Merry Christmas as well as a Very Happy Chanukah to those of the Jewish faith. I hope that this holiday season brings you all a great deal of joy and happiness.

Secondly, I have the pleasure to note that today is the 4th anniversary of this blog. I would like to thank you all who drop by to read my rantings and ravings. I've enjoyed messing about with this (At least to me) new form of communication. I have had the pleasure of making friends with some of the finest folks I have ever known and have learned a great deal from them. Hanging around with a bunch of "like-minded" folks from all over the place has made me a little less paranoid about how I think. In this day and time I was begining to think I was the only Cat in a Dog pound. But thanks to my fellow bloggers I know that I am not out there alone in thinking how I think. Again, Thank you all.

Now lets see what the future holds for us all.


Historical Ken said...

Merry Christmas!!

Michael W. said...

Thank you sir!

And the very same to you and yours!

Nancy R. said...

Merry Christmas, and happy blogoversary. Any Davy Crocket fisticuffs this year?

Michael W. said...

Thank you Miss Nancy!

Nope, no drama this year. (What Miss Nancy is referring to, happened a few years ago. Two of my Uncles while under the sway of Bacchus, started a rather intense discussion as to whether or not Davy Crockett had Indian blood in him. The discussion became even more intense when the first blow was thrown. After all was said and done, both uncles were a bit more shopworn but a lot more subdued. I don't think that they ever worked it out.)