Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Stuff Comes In Small Packages.............

A while back, I picked up a muzzle loading 12 bore double-barrel percussion shotgun. I don't have the time for hunting so I figured that I could use it for any of my many living history persona's. Of course, as with any firearm, I had to put my own personal touches on it. The first thing was to cut the 28" barrels down to something a little more manageable. Muzzleloaders and other types of weapons made before 1898 are not subject to most firearms laws, so I cut the barrels down to a handy 14".

Then I stripped the stock and refinished it with a light walnut stain. While I had it down, I got this overwhelming urge to respond to my inner crow and mounted a silver star in the cheek piece. Shinny is GOOD.

Maybe a bit gaudy, but I just couldn't help myself. Then I slapped a sling on her to make it easier to tote. I took her with me this past week-end to the commemoration of the battle of Plymouth, NC. I was part of the Union Naval contingent and used the shotgun as a member of a landing party. There is historical documentation for the use of shotguns on ships, even though they were never government  issued weapons, but privately owned by mostly ship's officers. I found out that my little shotgun would have given a sailor a better edge than almost any other weapon for boarding or repelling boarders. Not to mention it stands out in a crowd.

Remember boys and girls, he who dies with the most toys, WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (grin)


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Been a while since i visited over here. Just read your past 6 or 7 posts. Like seeing an old friend after a long time. (Grin) keep up the great posts.

Michael W. said...

Why thank you for the kind words. I just wish I could blog AND keep up with all the other stuff I want to do. There just ain't enough of me to go around. (grin) I've been keeping up with how you are doing with your L.E. training. Keep on hanging in there and I know that you are going to make both your lady and that boy of yours VERY proud of you.