Thursday, October 17, 2013

Running Around Like My Head Is On Fire And My A*s Is Catching...............

Sorry there hasn't been much Ice Cream round here. I think someone stole the damned machine. Last week-end I took part in Miss Nancy's PIRATEHAWK! (Or as I call it, Flintlock 101) This coming week-end I am attending the Battle of the Hook. So I am rushing around as normal. Until I can get my ducks in a row,  here's a recipe for you to play with over the week-end.


1 Quart of DARK rum
1 Cup of sugar (either natural or brown)
2 small cans frozen lime or lemon aide concentrate
Enough water to make 1 gallon of drink.

You can play around with the sugar amount as listed, this drink IS pretty sweet. Serve cool and dream of the balmy breezes of the Caribbean.......

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Brigid said...

I'm glad you got to be a part of that. There will be a non shooty gathering here next weekend, with a little firearm I got thanks to you playing the part of "something blued". :-)