Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doctor, Doctor give me the news..............

I just got back from the event at Guilford Court House. I just kicked off my shoes and tuned in to the First 48 on A&E. This is one of my favorite law enforcement/reality shows.

I had a pretty good time at Guilford. I took out the medical kit and discussed the art and mystery of medicine with the public. Saturday I was joined by John LaRosa (Johnny the Elder) of my hospital. We stayed pretty busy, visitation was steady all day long. I figured that since my knee was still giving me fits, that I would day trip and go home at night. That was one of my better decisions I have made lately. The bottom fell out about 4:00 p.m. and the damp and rain fired up my knee some kind o' bad. Pain medicine is my friend.

Sunday was clear and sunny with a good breeze. About midday I was joined by LT, another member of my hospital. We stayed pretty busy until about 2:30 when I had to leave to give a talk on 18th century dentistry at another place in the park. I did my talk for a grand total of 5 folks. I was a bit disappointed with the turnout, but I think that the people that were there got some good out of it.

Yep, this was a pretty good event, the kind that when you pack up and head home you feel like you have accomplished something. The public always loves to discuss medicine and it's practice, and it is always a very popular attraction.

I finished cleaning up the revolver I just got. For those who do not know, Black powder fouling is VERY corrosive and will cause a weapon to rust very badly. If rust forms in a barrel, it can destroy the accuracy of a weapon. Looking over the revolver, there was rust on the breach of the barrel and a small bit in the cylinder. Thank goodness there wasn't any in the bore of the barrel. I guess I did get a pretty good deal after all.


Chris Grimes said...

Sounds like a good weekend (even with the pain). After being on the road for 4 of the past 6 weekeends, I decided to stay home and mow grass, wash clothes, etc. I can't wait to see your new toy! I was especially impressed that the seller shipped her loaded! What a bonehead!!! Oh, by the way, did you see John Adams last night?

mrwill said...

If it hadn't been for the rain, I don't think it would have been so bad.

I thought it was cute too. I will give the devil his due, it was as advertised. GRIN I just can't figure someone like that out, those damned things cost WAY too much to let the rust away.

I missed John Adams, but I bet HBO will run it again before the week is out.

Chris Grimes said...

You just got to watch it.....Live taring and gave me some ideas! Bwahahahahaha!

mrwill said...

I checked and it WILL come back on tonight. I set the DVR to record both the first and second episode.