Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The ol' creative urge strikes again

I could have SWORN that I posted about my getting ready to make a trip to the horner's guild meeting, but it must have been lost in the black hole of the world of blogs. Oh well.

This past weekend I spent in Williamsburg VA attending the meeting of the Honorable Company of Horners. This is a group of people who reproduce items made out of animal horn. Mostly powder horns but also cups, bowls, spoons, and multiple other different items. As a matter of fact, just about anything that you can make out of plastic today, can be made out of horn. I picked up several ideas on projects that I want to start on as well as getting to see some wonderful original artifacts. There is a great deal of charm in holding something made 250 years ago, particularly if it has personal touches such as carving, engraving or even the previous owner's name scratched on it. I love the patina of a well used item, such as a powder horn. The stories that it could tell if it could speak.

I was proud of myself as I resisted temptation and didn't buy any more raw horns. I had sworn that I would not until I finished up what I am working on now. I did get a couple of new books. But since books are reeactor children, they don't count.

This coming weekend, I will be set up at Guilford Court House in Greensboro with the traveling medicine show. I will be setting up a light camp and coming home each night. With my ever present knee giving me fits as normal, I don't think that a night under the stars would do too well for it. Even WITH rum. GRIN

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