Thursday, May 8, 2008

And I'll go to Undergo a Surgery to Purge Me of This Lonely Mood.......

Yesterday, I had my long awaited surgery. Not the most pleasant way to spend a day with my clothing off, but it makes me hopeful that I am on the road to getting back to normal. I can walk better already as well as not having any pain spasms when I am sitting around, so I figure I am on the right track. The doc told me that the dark spot on the ct scan turned out to be basically a blood clot that would not dissolve and was causing pressure on the surrounding tissue. The doc clipped all that out. There also was another small tear in the miniscus which was cleaned up. No bone fragments floating around to remove, thank goodness. So here I sit, the old pin wrapped up and covered with ice staring at the one eyed monster.I have quite a few movies I can watch but for the time being, I am letting the drugs do their thing and am enjoying the ride.

I need to do a little better this time after surgery. I need to quit pushing myself at least until I heal up. The medical staff at the hospital is talking about starting to award me "frequent flier points" so the next time I need to go in it will be free. I have racked up surgery on my left knee (once) my right shoulder (once) and counting this last one twice on my right knee. I don't think that I want any more. My problem is that I rush to get back to normal way too fast. Just sitting around is very hard on me, since there are lots of things I want to do and haven't been able to. I have three pistols to work on, rope work, items to gather for the road trip to Boone's homestead, and more horns that I need to finish. While I have done quite a bit of reading lately I have that damned itch to do something with my hands. I can't make the trip down to my shop and the good wife gets a bit testy if I start leaving piles of horn scrapings or brass filings in the living room floor. I just don't understand her point of view. After all, all artist must feed the craving they have to create or they die. I told my good wife that very thing and all she said was that it was a very good thing that I have a good life insurance policy.

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Chris Grimes said...

Glad to hear that the surgery was successful, shipmate! I guess it is up to all of us to make sure that you quit living up to your moniker, "tumbling dice". Take care of yourself and heal quick as we have a trip to make to Augusta!