Monday, May 26, 2008

While You and Your Friends're Worryin' bout me I'm Havin' Lots of Fun....

Well, it has been some time since my last entry. I have been back to the Doc to have my stitches pulled out of my knee, done two P.T. appointments, taught a class on the "Use of Force" for my old department and made a road trip to PA with the hospital. All in all a fairly hectic time period.

Let's see, I guess that the big story was the road trip. I decided that if I was going to make that kind of trip, I was going to need a little help in getting there so I hooked up with the Randalls (Rick, Nancy and Ms Susan) and invited them to truck pool with me. (The only way that I could go to this event was to swear a blood oath to my Doc as well as my good wife that I wouldn't lift anything, always use a crutch or cane when walking, and use a lot of ice on my knee) It was a 41/2 hour ride to their house then a 41/2 hour ride to the site. When it was all said and done, we arrived at Boone's homestead around 11:30 Friday night, tired and looking forward to crashing and burning. The site had arranged for us to set up in a large log cabin that was used by groups for camp outs. It had sleeping arrangements as well as a small kitchen. So there was no need to set up ANY canvas. I thought to myself, "Self, you have just caught a ride on the gravy train"

After a good night's sleep, Saturday morning we set up the kit. I knew that with Donah, Rick and Les taking care of the inside I could do something a little different on the outside so, with a lot of help, I set up a table at the entrance of the cabin and started making medicines. I also sorta served as a "shill" by talking to folks as they came around and invited them to come in to look around. I think it worked out well, with the small exception of when a young girl with a lot of enthusiasm (and very little parental control) pushed up against my table and caused me to spill my hot wax I was using to make suppositories on my apron. I am happy to report that there were no injuries. (As much as I wanted to) I finished up a whole box of suppositories, a box of mercury pills, and a bottle of oil for rubbing on cankers. All of these items were for my good friend, Capt. Callahan. (Who of course, didn't show up) I guess that he will get a nice surprise at U.T.R. Saturday visitation was steady and slightly heavy. Most of the visitors were good to work with, they seemed interested in what we were doing and didn't seem that they were try to get their kids a education in history in 10 minutes or less, what I call "drive thru museum visiting" We shut down at 5 and kicked back for the evening. The British Brigade roasted a Ox for it's members, so with that as well as all the quality food that Ms. Nancy provided, we ate like kings.

Saturday night, while laying in my bunk, I listened as it started raining and thought to myself, "It is GOOD to be in the rear, with the gear" However I did feel at least a little guilty due to everyone seemingly waiting on me. I know they did (and still do it) it out of love and affection for me, but I am one of those types of folks that just does not feel comfortable imposing on others. I would much rather give than receive. (As Ms. Nancy would say, I need to get over it.)

Sunday morning, it was raining off and on, then it settled in and really started pouring. The event folks called the event around 10 or so, so we packed up and headed out.

As a friend of mine once said, "A good time was had by all"

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