Friday, November 7, 2008

All For Me Grog..........

O.K. by special request, more recipes for strong drink.

Apple Pie-

One gallon Apple cider (it's much better if is is unfiltered)
3 or 4 Cinnamon sticks
1 cup of Everclear (grain alcohol)

Take out one cup of cider, replace it with the Everclear, toss in the Cinnamon sticks and let it sit for a day or so. Be WARNED, this stuff will bite you......

Navy Grog-

1 1/5 bottle of dark rum
4 oz. lemon juice (fresh)
4 oz. lime juice (fresh)
1 cup of dark brown sugar

Mix all of the above ingredients vigorously. Then add water, using the empty rum bottle as a measure, three bottles should be enough. Then taste test. Add additional amounts of the above ingredients to suit your taste.


Rum, water and sugar with a dusting of Nutmeg. (Again, use fresh, not the stuff in a can or bottle)

This was a favorite of seamen in the Caribbean.

You can also take a small quantity of Rum, mix it with about two cups of lime juice and a handful of slightly crushed Jamaican Allspice berries to baste pork with while roasting it. (reserve some for a dip also)

I just had to toss in a food recipe just so folks don't think I am a juice head. -grin-

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Andrew Duppstadt said...

Very informative post! Some things to try out this weekend!