Monday, November 24, 2008

School's Out.............

Today, I spent all day talking to 8th graders in a local junior high school. Part of what I do as a living historian is to educate the public, so I get to go into schools and talk to the kids, taking my surgical equipment along and hopefully getting them interested in their country's history. Ever since I started the hobby of living history, I made it a point to offer my services to local schools, since I know that schools are short on money and teachers don't have very many resources that they can use. Not to mention, it's a great deal of fun for me. I find that kids will ask questions that challenge me. They are not afraid to ask "stupid" questions. (I don't believe there is such a thing as a stupid question, other than the question you are afraid to ask.)

I had a pretty good time and the kids were bright and asked quite a few good questions so all in all it was a good day. Tomorrow I will go back to the same school for another day of questions and answers with a different bunch, I am looking forward to it.


Mike W. said...

well holy shit. Another gun nut named Mike W.

Mike W. said...

Scary, isn't it?