Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leavin Home, Out On The Road I've Been Down Before..........

I have been below the radar for the past little bit, three days worth of state mandated training to keep up my L.E. certification and getting ready for a short road trip to old San Juan for a reenactment. I leave at o dark thirty in the morning to catch a flight out of Charlotte. I will need to get there real early to let the TSA types to look over my surgeon's kit before allowing it on board the aircraft.

The training classes weren't too bad. It consisted of mostly new law updates and other odds and ends but there was one instructor who wasn't (IMHO) very good. He reminded me a great deal of the Economics Teacher in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The same monotone, boring subject (bicycle and pedestrian law and safety) and it was taught way too early in the morning. -grin- I managed to stay awake through it all.

This will be my second trip to San Juan. I am looking forward to heading back down this year, as long as the knees hold up. Three other members of the hospital are also going, so I will be the trusty guide to show them the sites. It should be fun. I will post a full report when I get back.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Well, I'm happy to report that I think John Moseley had a good time at Plymouth. I was only there Friday night and Saturday, but he appeared to be enjoying it and even made his first Civil War kit purchase, a belt (Chris was so proud). He and I were manning the swivel gun in the bow of the 30-foot launch, so he saw plenty of action. I think we fired 30-35 rounds on Saturday alone. Good times! Hope to see you on Saturday in Beaufort!

Brigid said...

Hope it all is going well. Enjoy.