Monday, April 13, 2009

Turn Out The Lights........(For Now)

Yesterday, Navy snipers took out the Somali Pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips. Three shots, three hits. A good and brave man is going to get to go home to his family. Three bad guys will not be able to threaten or harm anyone again. This part of the crisis at least is over.

However, we are foolish if we think that this will be the end of it. Now is the time to take effective and firm action to prevent it from happening again. A message should be sent now that ANYONE who dares to attack a American flagged vessel or interferes with American citizens on the high seas shall be dealt with in a like manner. We should be proactive in dealing with this situation rather than reactive as we normally are.

As for the Navy personnel who handled this crisis, a hardy "Well Done" to them all. They live out the quote that President Kennedy made so long ago,

Any man who may be asked in this century, what he did to make his life Worthwhile, can respond with a good deal of Pride and Satisfaction, "I served in the United States Navy".

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