Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Celebrated Man Amongst The Gurneys. They Can Fix Me Proper With A Bit Of Luck.

Well, THAT was fun.........

I am sitting here at the Casa, still just a bit buzzed. This is the very first time in a good while that I don't have ANYTHING hurting. It's pretty darn nice. -grin- Of course, it will not last, but I am enjoying it while it does.

The entire right side of my neck is covered with tape, gauze and other odds and ends, the port is sticking out and ready for tomorrow. If you remember, I had both the port and a filter put in to prepare for surgery. I was awake for the whole thing although sedated. It is quite an experiences to be able to feel the probe traveling through your body. They came a little too close to my heart and I felt it speed up which was weird but not unexpected, since they warned me about it before they started the procedure.

There was only one small bobble in the procedure. I started bleeding very heavily from my neck just as they were finishing up. I would like to point out that feeling a LOT of liquid dripping down your neck and hearing a Doctor say "Ah S**T" with a great deal of passion is not one of the most pleasurable things for a patient to experience. No doubt, this is covered in the medical school class "Bedside manner 101".

Well, enough of that, tomorrow is the big day.

Once again, Wish me luck.


Brigid said...

Luck and a little Celt prayer.


Michael W. said...

Thank ye Lady!

Nancy R. said...

The KG/NN contingent is all thinking about you. I'll have Les throw in an extra prayer for you, too, okay? ::: grin :::

Mike W. said...

Damn Mike. Good luck! Get well soon.