Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lost And Found...............

It's was semi boring around the Casa last week, just waiting until this week when I go in for my long awaited surgery. It was SO boring, I decided to do a archaeological dig in my study (the room the good wife calls, "the rat nest" ) to see what I could see.

Now as you dear readers know, I have a LOT of varied interest. So many, as a matter of fact that I have no idea what I will be interested in from day to day. Add to that I am a inveterate trader and swapper, who will pick up various items that I might be able to use or trade at a later date, and I have a BUNCH of "stuff"

While going through various odds and ends, I found a fairly large bag of loose ammunition that I had picked up in a trade, one of those things tossed in "for boot" or to "sweeten the pot" I started going through the bag, and amid various rounds of 45ACP, 38 Special, 32 ACP, 9 mm, 22LR. and other odds and ends I found 40 rounds of 455 Webley pistol ammunition.

Now what made this so special is that I some time back I picked up a Mark VI Webley pistol, but hadn't been able to shoot it because I didn't have the spare money to order ammunition for it and the dealers who advertise they have it for sale are currently out of stock.

This stuff I uncovered was a bit dirty, and some had a slight bit of corrosion on some of the cases. The head stamp is Rem-UMC so it is American made, but I don't know old it is. I can't ever remember ever seeing 455 ammunition mentioned in Remington catalogs and I have been a gun crank for as long as I have been sucking in air. I don't think it's corrosive primed, but to be on the safe side I will clean theWebley as if they are, just to be on the safe side.

Well I took the Webley out today, nothing fancy, just a few rounds to see what she would do. I was tickled with her performance. I fired 13 of the 40 rounds that Ifound at a fence post in my back yard. I had one failure to fire of the 13 which I didn't think was too bad. The Webley is a heavy weapon, so recoil wasn't bad at all. Since I didn't have a lot of time or ammunition to waste, I didn't do any doubleaction work, but stuck with firing single action. She shot a little high and to the left but grouped well. Not bad at all for a 93 year old lady. I am looking forward to finding a better supply of ammuntion so that I can "wring her out" properly in the future.

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