Monday, February 8, 2010

Dramatis Personae...............

Thought I would give you a run down on the cast of characters that inhabit Casa W.

Miss B. My long suffering wife, also know as The Memsahib, Good wife, She Who Must Be Obeyed. She has put up with my strangeness and weirdness for close to 30 years with good humor and charm. Even though "I" think it has been mostly out of a sense of curiosity, she has hung in there with me for which I will forever be grateful.

Wesley. A large, rotund yellow Tom Cat. He has to be the most put upon cat in the world. Every other cat in the house mugs him unmercifully and all he wants to do is eat, sleep and eat some more. Named after John Wesley, founder of the Methodist church, who was pretty much put upon also.

Maggie. A small grey and white mottled tortoiseshell cat. Found on the side of the road after being tossed out some one's car window. She is remarkable feisty for as little as she is. Named after Former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher another personal hero of mine.

Missy. A solid black cat of a uneven temper and attitude. Wants to be the alpha cat, but I will not let her. She retaliated however as she was the key actor in an assassination attempt against me a while back. The good wife named her Missy, I don't know why.

Tommy. A young cat with a great deal of Maine Coon blood. Young and very hard headed. I named him after the hero of the WHO's rock opera, since he can't seem to hear or see me.

Rudi. A young Miniature Schnauzer who is in the process of being spoiled rotten by the good wife. Generally a good natured pup. Named after Prince Rudolph of the Rhine, a Protestant leader in the 30 Years War.

And of course, your humble correspondent.........

So that's the Who's Who of Casa W.


Nancy R. said...

You don't think a cat that can plan and execute a (failed, thank goodness) assasignation attempt should be alpha cat? Not bad for no thumbs. *grin*

Michael W. said...

She missed, thus no alpha cat for her............Failure does not deserve reward.