Thursday, February 25, 2010


Even before I started having the problems with my stomach and became so particular about what I could eat, I was a foodie. Food has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy the process of creating a new dish or modifying it to fit my own taste. I also like swapping recipes with others which drew me to the world of blogging because there are so many good cooks that also blog out there. I have leaned to appreciate Cajun cooking and mid-western via these blogs. Hopefully I have been able to share a few recipes that folks have enjoyed in return.

Here is a couple that I got from a good friend in Missouri that are quick, easy and taste good too.

Mexican Poached Eggs

1 cup more or less of picante sauce (depending on appetite or size of skillet)
1/4 onion, finely diced
2-4 eggs
dash of chili powder
seasoning to taste
1/4 cup good cheddar cheese

Saute the onions until tender in the skillet then add the picante sauce. (You could use salsa, but I find it taste a little more bitter than picante sauce) Bring it to a simmer, then add the eggs. Cover the skillet with a lid or anything else that will hold in steam and cook a wee bit until the eggs are nearly set. (you can help that along buy spooning some of the hot picante sauce over the eggs.) Then place some of the cheese over the eggs, cover until it melts and serve it up.

Damn fine eats. But say you aren't in a Mexican mood, Not a problem. You can make this with a Italian flair by swapping the picante for marinara sauce, the cheddar for Parmesan, and a big helping of provolone to cover the eggs with. This recipe just screams for a nice crunchy bread to go with it.


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