Friday, June 18, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree...............

For the longest time I wondered why the Light Bringer seemed to have such a problem with Great Britain, one of the United States longest and most loyal allies. His disrespect to the government and the people of the United Kingdom was painfully obvious to anyone who stopped to watch or listen to his speeches and actions.

Well, I think I have it figured out.

Please allow me to introduce to you Hussein Onyango Obama. This gentleman was the Light Bringer's paternal Grandfather.

Now for a little backround. Just after WW II many of the European countries colonies and possessions in Africa and Asia started agitating for their independence. Some more peacefuly than others. Unfortunately the future country of Kenya was not one of the peaceful ones. The native resistance to British rule jelled into a group called The Mau Mau. The Mau Mau started a low level guerrilla war against government forces as well as local tribesmen who supported the government. The assassination of a pro-government native chief led the British to declare a state of emergency and to bring in troops to put down the insurrection. The Mau Mau rebellion was particularly bloody, in that very few firearms were used by the rebels. They used the Panga, a type of a machete. It is estimated that 50,000 Kenyans died in the years of the emergency.

There is no question that the British were heavy handed in their dealing with the Mau Mau, (Particularly when compared to American values and standards) but they should be judged by the standards and mores of their time and place, not ours.

So, back to our friend, Mr. Obama. He had served in WW II as a soldier in Burma and returned home to go to work as a cook for a British Officer in Kenya. In 1949 he was arrested by British authorities and kept in a special prison for two years. Based on what information is available, this wasn't a case of a innocent man being caught up in a dragnet. According to one of the most respected historians of this period, a person of Mr. Obama's reputation as a war hero, and his status as a important person in his village, British intelligence must have had "damn good evidence that he was guilty" According to Mr. Obama's relatives he was routinely tortured while imprisoned. This caused him to hate the British with a deep and all consuming passion. The Mau Mau emergency lasted until 1959. In 1963 Kenya obtained it's independence from Great Britain and Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. (Hussein Onyango Obama's son, who had also been arrested by the British) because of his father's service in the rebellion was sent to the University of Hawaii on a scholarship in 1960 sponsored by the American Government to train future leaders of Kenya. There, Mr. Obama Sr. met the Light Bringer's mother and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now if my grandfather and father had been locked up by a group, I just might be a bit peeved at that group. Add to that the fact that the Light Bringer has been brought up to resent authority, it starts making sense the attitude he has regarding the British.

At least that's how I have it figured.

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