Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Hot Tonight, Too Hot For Talking, It's Hot Tonight.....

There seems to be a bit of a southern tradition in that every where I go, every person I meet starts out the conversation with, "Hot enough for you?"

Hell yes! It is MUCH too hot for me.

I fully understand that when it gets to be summer here in North Carolina, it becomes hot and humid. I like to think of it as the price one pays for living in a wonderful place like N.C. But really, being close to 100 degrees three days in a row is a just a little over the top don't ya think? I prefer winter since I can always put on enough clothing to stay warm but I can't take off enough to stay cool. (Without shocking and upsetting my friends and neighbors.)

Another bad thing about the heat is it leads me into putting things off, such as finishing up a bunch of stuff that I will need for this coming weekend's trip up to Hampton VA for a 1812 event with my shipmates of the Dragon. Somehow I will push myself to "get 'er done" and get it all knocked out by Friday. I have never been to this event, so I am looking forward to seeing someplace new and of course, being with my shipmates.


Chris Grimes said...

Tell Jim and the gang hello for me. Heck, I'm working at the Mariner's on Sunday so if time allows Sunday morning, I might stop by as it is not too far from the museum.

mrwill said...

Hey Shipmate!

Love to see you if you can come by. I still owe you for two pounds o' powder.