Thursday, June 5, 2008

Too Much Time On My Hands, It's Ticking Away With My Sanity.....

This blog will be just a bit disjointed, because that's how my life (and brain) has been these days. First and most important, my lap top is in the shop (again) and I am having to do what ever computer work that I need to do on a very old desk top that is hooked up on dial-up which is, how shall we say, "Very Deliberate" So my on line time is very limited. Thus, I am having to find other things to spend my time on.

I did my post-op trip to my Doc, he said that the knee was looking pretty good, he suggested that I start water walking (Not in the biblical sense, mind you) to build up the muscles in my legs to support both the knees as well as to aid in the much needed weight loss, so I start that this week. I am still in pain, but nothing too overwhelming.

I finished up the Spiller and Burr reproduction yesterday. It didn't come out looking TOO bad. I could have done a bit more on the polish, but I figure it's good enough for who it's for. I will try to take it out in the next few weeks and see how it shoots. I have a Queen Anne flintlock pistol that I got from my dear friend Kate Johnson that I got shooting, but again, I need to put my little touches on it so it is now waiting in a box for my tender loving care. Maybe in the next week or so I will start polishing it and stripping the stock.

Been keeping a eye on the news lately? It seems that the Gitmo monkey show is underway. I think the powers that be should have just whacked the people that they are now putting on trial. Otherwise all we are doing is just giving them a "bully pulpit" to spew their hate filled messages. But I AM somewhat of a hard-ass. We will see.

Speaking of which, did anyone notice the photos of "Mr. Big", Khalid Sheikh Muhammad when he was first taken in custody? He looked for all the world like Ron Jeremy the porn star. (It scared me when I first saw him) Today they are showing new artist sketches of him from the courtroom. Now with his beard, glasses and hair, he looks like cousin IT from the Addams family. I don't personally think it's much of a improvement.

I am still gathering my gear for my new persona, the Civil War sailor. My shipmates as doing some great events and I am chomping at the bit to go, but not until I get the gear together. I have been checking out various suttlers on line, and after spending so much time in the Rev War period it is stunning how much stuff you can find for the civil war. I firmly believe that a person can (with a big enough checking account) go to a A.C.W. event, go to a suttler, get kitted out and participate on the very same day. I just wish that we had those types of resources for earlier time periods.

I start going back to the pistol range next week. My old department has some new policies in place for it's officers to carry concealed firearms off duty so I am currently writing policy and procedure for that as well as working out a lesson plan. I will be busy with that for a few weeks, but it helps with my "porkchop" money.

I also am looking forward to U.T.R. (Under the Redcoat) at Williamsburg at the end of the month. I am going to tie a vacation into both sides of that weekend, so it gives me a little down time. That is going to make it well worth the wait.

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