Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's The Weekend And The Living Is Easy............

It's been a slow week for me, the good wife gave me some kind of upper respiratory bug which I have been fighting as hard as I can. I sound like crap, but don't feel too bad. On a certain level, I am sorta glad I didn't have the surgery on Wednesday since I would have been dealing with a bad cold as well as post-op issues. So it IS a ill wind that doesn't blow you some good sometimes.

I recovered enough to entertain two of my pards who came by Saturday. I thought it might be a good day to grill out some nice New York strips as well as a big grate of mixed vegetables and some other odds and ends. I love to cook on the grill and ANY reason is a good reason to cook out. -grin- Add a big fresh salad with everything but the kitchen sink added and you are good to go. Oh yeah, homemade banana pudding for desert.

After a fine meal like that, the only thing better is just sitting at the dinner table. Quality time spent talking about anything and everything. Many problems of the world were solved, many stories told, many lies expounded on and many laughs were brought about. Even more than that, good friendships were reinforced and strengthened. Nothing better in the world than that. -grin-


Chris Grimes said...

Thanks again for dinner Messmate! That doesn't even include the great conversation and the wonderful books!

Michael W. said...

You are MORE than welcome messmate!