Friday, May 15, 2009

Today In History..............

In 1718................

Mr. James Puckle a London lawyer patented one of the world's first machine guns. The Puckle gun came equiped with interchangeable barrels and cylinders to fire round balls at Christians and square bullets at Turks and other infidels.

Mr. Puckle made no bones about the possible use of this weapon when he put this on the pattern drawing.

"A Defense
Defending King George, Your Country and Laws
To Defend Yourselves And The Protestant Cause"

This weapon believe it or not worked, but was way too radical to be fully appreciated or adopted. It was a idea and invention way before it's time.

In 1963.................

Astronaut Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper blasted off from Cape Canaveral Fla. on what was the last mission of the Mercury Space program. Cooper made 22 complete orbits of the earth and was the last American to go into space alone.

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