Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Round Up The Usual Suspects.................

I go in for my stress test this morning, then check in with my surgeon. There may be a wee bit of a delay on my surgery, since I now have some kind of a upper respiratory bug. With all the panic over swine flu, they may be too afraid to work on me, which may make me curse at least a little bit. We will see.

In other matters, I am missing my new jaw harp.

My good wife seems to think that one of the cats may have drug it off somewhere, but I have my doubts. Just as soon as I am able to, I shall round up TWICE the usual number of suspects and locate the missing item.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Best of luck to you messmate! We'll miss you while you are out of the field.

Michael W. said...

Thank you Andrew, I will miss you guys, but when all this crap is done, then watch out!!!!!!!!-grin-