Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back Home Again...............

I made it back home this afternoon and still have a bit of a afterglow. It was a fun event and even though I had never done this time period before, I was able to drop into my comfort zone fairly easily.
I focused on doing some fancy knot work while talking to the public and got the larger part of a lanyard for a Boatswain's whistle done for a friend. We had pretty good visitation all day Saturday. This is photo of me knotting while talking.
Since we were commemorating the many ships named North Carolina, I was telling the public what life was like for the sailors on the Civil War ship of the line U.S.S. North Carolina. Below is the model of that ship that is in the museum/visitor center.
For all the gun cranks ( This one is for you Jay) we had quite a few weapons to show the public. These included the various U.S. Muskets (1841, 1842, 1855, 1861) British muskets (mostly 1853's) Pistols, cutlass, and other odds and ends. We also had a Spencer and a Sharp's carbine. These are just a few of the weapons we had out to show the public.
As you can tell, when I have to put down my knot tying to make a point with my hands, it's a serious discussion. And last, after a long day, your humble correspondent shows off his own 1842 musket as well as his 1851 Navy Revolver.


CTone said...

That's some serious steel you got there. It's good to know that the general populace is still interested in our nation's history.

Michael W. said...

Why thank you sir.

I guess that's why I do living history, the access to all the neat toys.(grin) Strangely enough these days people are hungry to learn about their history. With the current state of affairs it's like they need something to hold on to.

By the way, did you notice the uniform with the chevrons on the gentleman behind the weapon table?

1859 U.S. Marine.

CTone said...

Looks like a First Sergeant to me.

To be a Marine back then would have been tough. I have some sort of fascination with sailing ships, so if I were around back then, I could probably be found up in the rigging of some ship with a good rifle in my hands.

Chris Grimes said...

Look how spiffy you are in your flat hat and jumper!

Mike W. said...

Very cool.

I so need to buy a flintlock one of these days.