Monday, August 23, 2010

You Can't Talk To A Man, With a Shotgun In His Hand...........

Give Doc the shotgun. He'll be less apt to get nervy if he's on the street howitzer.


Like anything else, I have a short list of guns that I just can't live without, and a very long list of it would be nice to have. These list change grow and shrink depending on time and finance. This past week I knocked one off my nice to have list.

On one of the shooter's boards I belong to, a gentleman advertised that he had a SXS 12 gauge shotgun for sale. Looking at the photos he provided and checking out the price it seemed like it was doable so I got in touch with him.

I have wanted a "double barrel" for a good while but have never been able to find one within the price I was looking for, or one that was a good workhorse grade weapon. It seems to me that Southerners have an attraction for double barrel shotguns. Almost every one I know has one, either heirlooms from Grandpa or great Grandpa, or one they just picked up.

The shotgun the gentleman was selling was a Brazilian made gun imported by Stoger Inc. It had 28 in. barrels and looked to be in very good condition. We haggled a bit on the price and came to an agreement of gentlemen. One think I really liked about this gun was that it has 3" chambers so I can shoot a wider variety of shell types in it. I currently have it on my work bench and plan on bobbing the barrels so that I can use it as a home defence weapon and possibly a Cowboy Action Shooting firearm. I may even reshape the stock a bit to make it a English style (without a pistol grip) Time will tell. But in the meantime, I am doing the new gun "Happy Dance"

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Scott McCray said...

Post gnu pR0n, man - no pictures, it never happened!

Seriously, congratulations and Happy New Gun Day!