Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Muse Where Art Thou?

I will not say that my writing muse has abandoned me, but she has taken a very LONG lunch break. Nothing of note to mention here at Casa W, and the normal antics of our "leaders" doesn't even bother me anymore. I just don't expect any better thus am not disappointed.

I shall get better, with time.


Nancy R. said...

Your writing muse and my sewing muse have clearly una$$ed the joint are playing pinochle and drinking Brandy Alexanders in some cheap dive.

Michael W. said...

If I could be sure of that, it wouldn't be so bad. At least they would be accomplishing SOMETHING. I think that they are just off loafing somewhere.

Nancy R. said...

No, I'm pretty sure mine's getting drunk on bad liquor and will be hung-over and puking when she finally does decide to darken my doorway again.

Brigid said...

My muse occassional suffers a low level bombing run from my best friends 9 year old.

If I travel I write well (I hope) and more often, sometimes doingn a week's worth in a couple of days. But at home surrounded by those I love AND their progeny, chores, dogs, laundry, etc. sometimes all that is in my brain is "beer. . . donut".

We're just happy you're here, whether you write a bunch or not.

Michael W. said...


Maybe so, I wouldn't be too surprised at all. Muses are SO cheap and trashy........


Thank you mam! I am just a little grumpy that the creative juices have been replaced with the wonderful world of "whatever" I will get some of my old swagger back, it will just take a wee bit of time.