Wednesday, August 25, 2010

O.K. Mac, This Is For You..........

Here is the new addition to the armory.

The barrel has been bobbed back to 19 1/2". I thought about cutting it back to 18" but thought better of it since my tape measure and the A.T.F.'s might not measure the same. Also, the under barrel rib on this weapon has a series of slots milled in it and if I had cut it down to 18" it would have come in the middle of one of the slots and left the two barrels unconnected on their bottom.

Plus, I don't think that the 1 1/2" makes that much of a difference one way or the other.
So now all that's left is to go to my "poor man's lathe" (my drill press) and turn out a brass bead for the front site. As for reshaping the stock, to a more English style, well there is always time over the winter to do it if I get the overwhelming urge .


Brigid said...

You are having TOO much fun. Wish I was there.


Scott McCray said...


I almost missed this - very nice. I can see why you were doing the happy dance - congrats!