Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today In History

In 1914.........

Brig. General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, 4 time governor of Maine, instructor, then President of Bowdoin college, died of wounds received at the battle of Petersburg VA in June 1864.

Chamberlain, who won his M.O.H. while commanding the 20th Maine at the battle of Gettysburg. When his troops defending Little Round Top began to run out of ammunition, Colonel Chamberlain organized and led a bayonet charge against the attacking confederate forces, defeating them and saving the Union Army's flank. For his skills and leadership, Chamberlain was known as "The Lion of Little Round Top"

While leading troops at Petersburg, Chamberlain received gunshot wounds to his groin and hip which were thought to be fatal. While Chamberlain recovered enough to return to duty, he never fully healed and was troubled with his wounds the rest of his life.

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