Friday, February 20, 2009

We Hove Our Ship To With The Wind From Sou'west, Boys

Tonight, I am in the hunter gatherer mode. I have my first event of the year at Moore's Creek Bridge national park near Willmington in the morning and have to dig out all my 18th century sailor toys and clothing. It's a very strange check off list I am walking around with. Sea bag, ditty bag, cutlass, musketoon, boarding pike, boarding pistol and so on. When ever I go to a historic site, I always bring more stuff than I need for a couple of reasons. First, you never know if one of your friends might need to borrow something. You can forget something REAL easy, been there, done that. Also, you need eye candy for the public. I have noticed that when people come to a historic site, they for the most part hesitate to talk to us when we are wearing period clothing. So, I bring lots o' bait. My brass-barrel musketoon (Blunderbuss) catches people's eye as well as my rope work. Once I get 'em close, I can talk to them. Then maybe I can share a little of my knowledge with 'em. But ya gotta bring them in first.

Another nice thing is that I will be spending time with my messmates from the living history guild. I will post when I get back on how it went.......

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