Monday, February 2, 2009

Zero Hour Nine A.M., And I'm Gonna Be High As A Kite By Then...........

Without a doubt, this has been one of the slackest weeks I have ever spent in recent memory. I have been absolutely useless and didn't accomplish spit.

Well, I take that back. I had more surgery on my left knee Friday before last, got to take a good bit of pain medicine, (Doc told me that the second time in the same knee would be worse. Fine fellow that he is, he didn't lie.) got my stitches pulled out and got scheduled for P.T. But other than that, I have been doing my Long John Silver impression stumping around the casa on crutches being churlish. I didn't even feel like writing much. I must have started several blog entries then thought better of them and hit the delete button. Count your blessings that I did that. Vicodin and percocet do not even come close to turning me into a Hemingway, or even a Hunter Thompson.

So for the most part, it's been a "Blockbuster" week. Been watching a lot of classics, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, The Charge of the Light Brigade, and so on. Nothing but brain candy, but it's fun.

I SHOULD be back to my normal effervescent self by week's end, so beware.......-grin-


Brigid said...

Hope you're feeling better. I was on call recently on a weekend and watched some old sci fi movies and classics The original Thing was a treat to see again. As were some old John Wayne movies.

Mike W. said...

Hi Lady!

I am, thanks for asking.

Yeah, the oldies ARE goodies. I just don't get modern movies. They seem to delight in making the folks in the audience watching them as miserable and guilty as they can. I loved the original "The Thing" too. James Arness as the creature, what more could you want? -grin- The fact that Kenneth Tobey was never nominated for the Academy Award says something about our country as a whole. -LOL-