Monday, March 23, 2009

A newly discovered jewel......

This weekend, I acquired a new item that I have wanted for YEARS. She is a Mark IV British Webley revolver in 455 caliber. It is dated 1916 and is in in wonderful shape for being 96 years old. Most of it's original finish is still on it, the bore is good, strong and shinny and I can't find any trace of pitting from corrosion. The grips are hard plastic and there are no chips or cracks. A good number of these weapons were converted to fire 45 ACP cartridges with the use of half-moon clips, in the golden days of the military surplus sales of the 50's and 60's to make them more desirable to the American shooting public. But this one looks to be untouched.

Oh if only this old girl could talk, the stories she might be able to tell. Perhaps fresh from the factory, with traces of packing grease still on her, she was held by the sweaty hand of a young British Army Lieutenant who was to lead his men "over the top" into the hell of no man's land of the Somme. Or perhaps it was in the holster of a Spitfire pilot who wore it, "just in case" while fighting in the Battle of Britain or making fighter sweeps over occupied France. Or carried by a officer who was driven into the sea at Dunkirk by the Germans and then returned from the sea at Normandy to drive the Germans out of occupied France and other countries and to liberate millions of enslaved people.

Maybe it was carried by a British officer during the Easter Rising or even a "Black and Tan" in during the later Irish troubles or by some colonial police officer in any of the British colonies in Africa, Asia or the world over. Again, if this old gal could only whisper her tales in my ear. No matter what her story, it's obvious that she was well cared for, by a person who had depended on her. I shall continue this tradition by doing the same. As a lover of history, I could do no less for this wonderful relic of the past.

Update: One more thing about this old girl. In the words of fellow bloggers Tam and Ambulance Driver: Does she look hawt to you? Does she make you happy in your pants?"

The answer is: You Damn Right!!!!!!! -grin-

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