Monday, March 23, 2009

Officer down..........

On 03-21-09 three Oakland California police officers were killed in the line of duty. A forth, died of wounds he received in the same incident one day later. The suspect in the shooting was a parole violator who had a extensive criminal history. As a matter of fact he was on parole from a conviction of assault with a deadly weapon. Of course, there will be much said about the weapon or weapons used, and little about the scumbag that did the crime.

When a police office dies in the line of duty, we are all diminished as a free people. Please take a moment to remember these brave men who gave their lives for their fellow man.

Police Officer John Hege

Sergeant Daniel Sakai

Sergeant Ervin Romans

Sergeant Mark Dunakin

UPDATE: The latest news reports are that the murdering scum that shot these officers had been tentatively linked to a violent rape that had occurred the day before the shooting through a DNA link. These animals need to be in prison, and once there, LEFT there until they ROT.


Chris Grimes said...

Did you hear that some of the locals were actually cheering the shooting of the officers? What is wrong with these people?

Michael W. said...

Yep, I saw the rally where they were praising the murderer. Just goes to show that this country has a sickness that needs to be treated, and soon.

A blogger I follow, wrote about the rally much better than I could. He is originally from South Africa and I think he has a much better understanding of race relations than any of the people that were on the streets of Oakland protesting. Check it out....