Friday, January 29, 2010

Johnny, They Hardly Knew Ye, But WE Did............

Just sitting around being somewhat bemused by the latest "revelations" in the John "Wrap that Rascal" Edwards saga. I try not to judge too much when someone cheats on their spouse, since I am not involved, or know any details. It's wrong on a bunch of levels but I figure that kind of thing is between the folks involved and their maker. I do hate it for the kids involved and in particular the child that this affair brought into the world. What gripes my a** is that Johnboy denied that poor child was his for almost two whole years. Now she's got to grow up and live with that fact. I can not think of ANYTHING that could be much more evil than for a person to do that. I just can't get my head around the idea that someone could be that common and sorry to their child. Not only to get into the White House, but as the lies and stories began unraveling, it got to the point that he was willing to sell his soul or do anything else required just to be a key note speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Just to keep his name front and center in the public eye.

Now to be honest, none of this stuff really surprised me. Edwards was well known as a ambulance chaser around here and other than in various liberal enclaves was watched with a certain wariness. And Elizabeth, while I have the deepest sympathy for her illness, I don't have the slightest doubt that if she didn't know what kind of low life John was, that she should have known. I again don't have any doubts she was involved in the cover up so that she could be the "First Lady"

So on many levels it is sad and tragic story, but still I can't help but to find some humor in it. Too many years of being a cop with "gallows humor" I guess. I mean Johnboy and his inner circle treated this aide who wrote this "tell-all" book like a piece of trash, forgetting what a training Sgt. once taught me. He told me, "Son, just remember all the A**es you kick on your way up, you will have to kiss on the way down." Now it's been revealed that this aide has voice mail recordings as well as a "sex video" staring Johnboy and the woman in question. The sex tape is a little hard for me to believe, since I can't visualize Johnboy being able to stop looking in the mirror and making love to himself long enough to make love to a woman. I mean PLEASE. I bet you a fat man, (and here he sits) you can look up the definition of Narcissist in the dictionary and 9 times out of 10 you will see Edward's picture. The goodwife told me the entire story reminded her of what happens when white trash falls into money.

So I will sit back and wait to catch the latest developments on this unfolding soap opera.

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