Friday, December 18, 2009

It Is Amazing How Sorry People Can Be..............

There is a place in Poland, called Auschwitz.

The Germans built a prison camp there to systematically kill those who didn't fit into their plans or fit into the German ideal. Over 1 Million Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communist, Homosexuals, Political Prisoners or anyone else that just didn't fit in, only left Auschwitz riding in a cart to a nearby mass grave, or in the smoke of the crematoria chimneys.

To calm the prisoners as they entered the camp, (Or to show off their perverse sense of humor) the Germans in 1940 had some of their Jewish prisoners make up and place a large metal sign over the main gate of the camp that said "
Arbeit Macht Frei ". Translated, the phrase means "Work Sets You Free" This sign was so popular that it was copied and placed on the gates of other camps, but the one at Auschwitz was the biggest and first.

I heard tonight that this sign which had been over the gates of what is left of the camp since the end of WW II was stolen today by party or parties unknown. I don't know if the sign was taken by someone who was Anti-Semitic and wished to have a (In their mind) very cool souvenir, or perhaps a collector who wanted the ultimate in historical artifacts. No matter what the reason, the perpetrator(s) should be hunted down like a rabid dog and placed underneath the prison. There has to be a special level of hell reserved for any person who would steal something like this.

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