Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Justice, After A Fashion...............

I just heard the glad tidings that the sub-human scum sucker that killed the four officers in Washington was killed by a Seattle Police Officer early this morning.

I know that by this action that the officers will never be brought back, they are still gone and their families are left to face the future without their loved ones. But I can say this with a great deal of certainty, NO law enforcement officer will have to fear that this sub-human will threaten anyone, anymore.

Reports are that this "thing" suffered a gun shot wound from at least one of the officers that he murdered. At least the officers didn't go down without a fight.

Now if it was me, I would focus on how this sub-human was able to move around and get to Seattle. I would hunt down like dogs ANYONE who helped or assisted him in anyway whatsoever. Then prosecute them to the absolute fullest extent of the law. People need to understand that to assault or murder law enforcement officers is nothing more than a assault on the thread and fabric of society. There should be the severest penalties for this as well as against those who would support such animallistic behaviors.

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